AUDIT to EXECUTION is a 90-day operations suite for women founders who are building service-based businesses -- seeking strategic development of their backend systems and processes.

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We no longer offer Admin Support as of 5/1. We have fully transitioned into an Operations Consultancy to align with the work that we have been doing behind the scenes.

To ensure that prospective clients still get the help they need, we developed a referral program called “The Digital Connect” with other Black woman-owned companies with similar service offerings. Feel free to check out our referral base below. If you find a fit, tell them TDJ sent you!

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We don't

build anything in theory.

Our AUDIT to EXECUTION is designed for service providers and agencies. Our internal discovery process will identify problem areas and bottlenecks in your existing operations, provide strategic solutions, AND provide the training resources needed for your team.

AUDIT to EXECUTION is the solution for growing teams.

We designed this service based on our REAL clients, averaging 12+ months of support.

AUDIT to EXECUTION is a solution designed for businesses that need a combination of coaching, implementation, and training services

We don't believe in leaving you with systems and processes you don't know how to use.

Our transitional planning component simply put, means we are planning for the ongoing management of the work that we do from the very beginning. Who, what, when, where, why and how. It all matters.

If you need a more development or gap support while you find the perfect hire, we got you.

We offer gap support for up to 6 months (90-day service terms) to manage the processes that we created. We can support you if you want to shift focus to additional development areas!

**Subject to availability

Kronda is a Marketing Expert and the founder of Karvel Digital. Tekira on our team supported Kronda with marketing support, SOP development, and client management for almost 2 years.

Our Signature Framework:


















  • A fully customized scope based on up to 3 development areas
  • 360-audit of your current processes and workflows (development areas)
  • Position and workflow discovery
  • Bi-weekly standing meetings
  • Process development and strategic road-mapping
  • System implementation and automation configurations
  • Hands-on 1:1 or group training sessions
  • SOP creation and resource creation
  • Optional ongoing support or milestone training

Phase 1: Internal discovery/ audit

The word audit may give you the scaries or remind you of the IRS, so we prefer to use “internal discovery.” Before we recommend any systems or processes, we start by taking a deep dive into how things are currently being managed, the team members involved, and your goals.

Before we move forward to phase 2, we will meet to discuss our findings and suggested solutions. With your approval, we get to work!

Phase 2: Implementation

With our approved plan, things are moving and shaking! During this phase, we get to work developing the processes and workflows for your business.

We also tackle:

  • Tech setup
  • Automations via Zapier
  • Testing

Phase 3: SOP development & training

Don’t worry about being left with processes that you don’t understand. We offer hands-on training sessions for you/your team to ensure you know how to integrate the new procedures into your existing processes.

A training plan is fully-customizable based on your team structure and hiring goals. Finally, you will be left with SOPs, documents, and organized resources to refer back to as your team grows.


Gap Support:

After the initial 90-days, if you need gap support, and additional time for operations development, our team can continue our work up to 2 additional 90-day service terms.

Additional support is subject to TDJ availability and revised scope.

Investment &

Payment options

Our payment terms are flexible to fit your needs.

Choose one of the payment options provided to secure your AUDIT to EXECUTION spot.

1 payment of


(save $500)

3 monthly payments of


6 bi-weekly payments of


(autopay required)

Ready? Let's do it!

Complete our AUDIT to EXECUTION intake brief

  • Tell us more about you, your team, and your business.

  • Identify 3 development areas.

  • Provide as much detail as possible, but don't stress! We will work with you during our strategy session.
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Schedule a 1:1 strategy

session w/our Execution team

  • We require a non-refundable deposit of $500.00, which will be deducted from your first month of service.

  • If you decide not to proceed with the AUDIT to EXECUTION process, the execution plan is yours to DIY or partner with another provider.

  • Please allow 7 days to receive your execution plan and call recording.
  • After we receive your approved execution plan, we will send a contract and invoice to secure services.

  • You will have 7-days to secure your AUDIT to EXECUTION spot.

  • Once completed, a kickoff invite and welcome email.

Approve your execution plan, contract and invoice.

What's the problem?

We have solutions.


I don't have time to slow down and improve my operations.

That's why we're here. We know you don't have time to set up systems and write SOPs out.


I have more than 3 development areas.

Let's start with 3 and then work together to determine if TDJ can support developing the others.


I really don't have time to train a new hire.

This is a huge part of our transitional planning, we will create a training plan and handle it if the timeline aligns.


I already have a team, can you work with them?

Yes! We partner with existing teams all the time, we can work alongside or report our updates directly to them if needed.



I don't really know what needs development.

We will work with you during our strategy call to identify these areas.


I need help to manage the processes for a while.

We offer transitional/gap support up to 6-months! **Subject to availability**

Have questions?

Ashley Jenkins

Client Experience Specialist